Marketing Videos

I post regular video content to YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok to help business owners and other marketers learn more about marketing for the real world.

How Instagram and TikTok Exploit Your PPC Ad Budget

Gone are the days of clear-cut bidding wars where you determined the price per click in digital advertising. Today’s platforms are shifting control, dictating costs as they please, and redefining how marketers manage their budgets.

Marketing Fundamentals 2: Target Audience

Marketing Fundamentals 2: Target Audience We're talking about the three layers of marketing, and how you want to start at the bottom by helping your target audience solve a real problem with your unique product. Then, you want to design your customer experience...

Marketing Fundamentals 1: Overview

Marketing Fundamentals 1: Overview Entrepreneurs start out with a lot of misconceptions about how business really works, and that's understandable because nobody really ever teaches them. Marketing, in particular, is one of the least understood concepts by business owners....