Hi! I'm James. I'm your new Chief Marketing Officer.

A “fractional CMO” (CMO for hire) puts a world-class marketing executive on your team at a fraction of the usual cost.

“James Archer is brilliant at what he does, but he’s also a patient, enthusiastic teacher. The immense impact of his advice has benefitted our company exponentially.”
—Jeremy Scott (Owner, Bonanza Educational)

Clients I've worked with include...

...plus hundreds of others, large and small, across countless industries

“James consistently amazes me with his insights on design, marketing, and business process.”
—Troy Busot (Founder & CEO, Athlinks)

What’s a Fractional CMO / CMO for Hire?

Smaller companies still need the strategy, perspective, and big marketing energy an experienced Chief Marketing Officer can provide.

But CMOs aren’t cheap, and the salary load of a full-time CMO very often doesn’t make sense.

So, instead of hiring a full-time CMO, you hire a fraction of a CMO. Maybe half. Maybe a quarter. Whatever you need.

And you can try it for 12 months (or even 6) instead of years of a high salary.

Basically, you get senior leadership without all the risk, cost, and crap.

“James Archer is one of the most brilliant minds when it comes to marketing and branding. He’s my go-to person for sure.”
—Greg Taylor, Co-Founder at Trinity

How I approach marketing (clip from online course)

This episode from my marketing training course provides a good high-level overview of my general philosophies and priorities when approaching marketing strategy.

“James’s unique approach to brand and design projects differs from most, but proves time and time again to give us that distinctive advantage we need.”
—Chuck Reynolds (Partner, Vuurr)

This is like my 724th rodeo

I was the Chief Marketing Officer of a smart tech company for six years, basically from startup to major player in their market.

Before that: Director of Product Design for a major marketing software platform, responsible for (among other things) leading a complete overhaul of the user experience. 

Before that: Head of Marketing for an international digital agency, with clients like Disney and National Geographic.

Before that: Founder & CEO of a marketing and design agency with clients like Walmart, Microsoft, Motorola, Yahoo, and many more. Successfully ran this agency for almost twelve years.

Whatever you're dealing with, I've probably done it before.

“James is a visionary. His insight into branding, design and even business operations is always remarkable. He expands conversations in a positive way and helps people break out of paradigms and find options they wouldn’t otherwise find.”
—Chris Lee (Managing Partner, Customer Systems)

“How do I know you can deliver?”

James is an expert brand strategist and marketer, and design is an integral part of his approach. I’d listen to him, if I were you.”
—Francine Hardaway (CEO, Stealthmode Partners)

What I'll do for you

Target market analysis

Strategic positioning

Go-to-market strategy


Product launch / re-launch

Content strategy

Content marketing

Tracking & analysis

Reduce customer acquisition cost


Customer experience

Process efficiency

Sales & marketing automation

Manage contractors/employees

Design / creative oversight

Improve sales workflows

Increase lead / customer flow

Optimize lead conversion

Basically, make you more money


“I have found every interaction with James to be intelligent, experienced, candid, and deeply engaging. No doubt, his knowledge will be of tremendous value to anyone looking to move forward in this subject area.”
—Dallin Harris (President, Skyhook Interactive)

Projects I've worked on have been covered by...

...and have been featured in various books as well.

“James Archer is one of the best voices in branding today. He really understands that it isn’t just about visual aesthetics, it’s about the full experience, from market positioning to the smile on an employee’s face.”
—Randy Gregory II (Design Lead, IBM)

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