Top 10 Stock Photography Cliches

by | May 19, 2006 | Marketing

1. The Handshake of Synergy: You’ve made the sale and closed the deal. They can’t back out now—you shook on it!

2. The Flirty Customer Service Gal: Operators are standing by to take your call…and your heart.

3. The Big Thumbs of Triumph: Good job, ace. You’ve saved the company again.

4. The Romantic Glow of the Laptop: You’ve stayed up late working on those TPS reports, and there’s just something magical about that LCD glow…

5. Growth: The Handful of Manure: We can make your business thrive like this sturdy sprout. Just hope the wind doesn’t pick up.

6. The Air Up There: So, what’s it like being 17 feet tall?

7. The United Colors of Megacorp: Does outsourcing to India count as being diverse?

8. Lise Gagne’s Business Folks: You won’t find cheaper executives anywhere.

9. Ewa, the Everywoman: Abu took great shots already, but marrying Ewa certainly didn’t hurt his stock photography revenue.

10. Telecommuting from the Edge: How can she get broadband wifi there, when I can barely get it in the next room?

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