The secret to compelling customer experiences (video)

The secret to compelling customer experiences (video)

Learn how successful companies design memorable experiences that inspire customers, motivate staff, and drive revenue.

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The secret to compelling customer experiences

DPR Construction was founded in 1990 by three guys who wanted to take a different approach to construction, treating it less like manufacturing and more like a service business.

Not long after they started, they sat down to work out what their company was really all about, and they came up with this:

"DPR exists to build great things."

Sounds simple, right?

Well, when you have a core purpose like that, you have to make some hard decisions.

They focused on building great things, even when that meant making tough sacrifices or making crazy promises.

While it was difficult, they eventually began to get clients like Apple, Pixar, and Facebook, who all wanted to build great things too.

Within ten years, they reached more than a billion dollars in revenue.

They're consistently ranked among the top general contractors in the nation, and they're also ranked as one of the best companies to work for.

More than 90% of their business comes from repeat customers.

How did they do it?

They had roots.

Think about your company like a tree.

When a tree has weak roots, it lacks strength and stability.

When the storm comes, it just falls over.

A tree with solid roots isn't going anywhere.

It gets more nourishment from its surroundings, it's stronger, and it can withstand trouble

year after year as it continues to grow to its full potential.

A company’s roots are made up of six key elements:

your purpose, or why you do what you do your values, or what's important to you

your positioning, or where your company fits in the market

your audience, or who you’re interacting with

your style, or how your company looks, feels, and sounds

and your vision, which paints a picture of what your company’s future will look like when you reach your goals

Companies with weak roots face some common issues: They frequently jump from one tactic to another, they have trouble explaining what makes them unique in their industry, and they’re not really able to define what the company stands for.

The most telling sign of weak roots is when you feel like your company has tremendous potential, but your customers just don’t seem to feel anything special about it.

When you’re having trouble getting anyone to care, it’s typically because the company’s roots aren’t strong enough to provide the kind of experience customers want.

These roots determine the experience people have with your company, both inside and out.

On the inside, they're the core of your culture and affect your performance, morale, and retention.

On the outside, they're the foundation of your brand, which shapes your customers’ impression of your organization.

These are universal human concepts.

It's how we're wired, and these principles will work for absolutely any organization, including yours.