What People Say

"When James Archer speaks, I listen, and listen well. Every time I've ever interacted with him, my mind is blown and my creative/design/human experience paradigms are shifted. He has a grasp on designing for humans that needs to be shared with the world."
April Holle, Principal at Made Better Studio

"James is a visionary. His insight into branding, design and even business operations is always remarkable. He expands conversations in a positive way, and helps people break out of paradigms and find options they wouldn't otherwise find."
Chris Lee, Managing Partner at Customer Systems, Inc.

"James takes the time to discover the purpose behind questions, enabling intentional design that's elegant but meaningfully deep. Regardless of medium or situation, his work is consistently amazing."
Derek Neighbors, Vice President of Technology at StrongMind

"James Archer is brilliant at what he does, but he's also a patient, enthusiastic teacher, willing to download his knowledge and vision into whomever asks for his input. The immense impact of his advice has benefited our company exponentially, helping us to translate our passion into a message that moves our potential customers."
Jeremy Scott, Owner at Bonanza Educational

"Most of us look at design and can tell it's not right, but James can look at a design and know exactly what needs to change."
Scott Cate, Head of Developer Programs at Amazon Web Services

"I've been working with James Archer since his company's founding ten years ago. He's an expert brand strategist and marketer, and design is an integral part of his approach. I'd listen to him, if I were you."
Francine Hardaway, CEO of Stealthmode Partners

"James freely shares more valuable marketing insight than anyone else I know. The insights are priceless."
Rob Tinsman, Creative Director and V.P. at Avenue 25

"James Archer is one of the best voices in branding today. He really understands that it isn't just about visual aesthetics, it's about the full experience, from market positioning to the smile on an employee's face."
Randy Gregory II, Product Designer at Meta/Facebook

"James Archer is a powerful voice for design, branding and marketing in creative and leadership circles. He and his team at Forty are recognized as one of the top branding and experiential design firms in the state, and beyond. In addition to his work through Forty, James is frequently found mentoring other creatives through sound advice, writing excellent articles for well recognized online creative magazines, and presenting at creative events. He is a well-recognized and respected authority in the creative industry."
Hillary Scott, Owner at Leibley

"I knew James from the creative community, but didn't realize what a excellent teacher he was. He made complex ideas easy to understand with his concise and informed explanations. Our class was so enjoyable, with James's style of humor and wonderful, easy-to-follow presentations. I consider him one of the experts in this field, but without the annoying ego."
Laura Goldfarb, President at Goldfish Creative

"James's unique approach to brand and design projects differs from most, but proves time and time again to give us that distinctive advantage we need."
Chuck Reynolds, Tactical Liaison Officer at Vuurr

"James was integral in helping our company communicate to our customers during significant changes in our services. His help in messaging resulted in only a single complaint out of the hundreds who were affected."
Christopher Wharton, owner at Chow Locally

"An impressive combination of left, right, and center brain, James consistently amazes me with his insights on design, marketing, and business process."
Troy Busot, Chief Technology Officer at Preem

"Excellent design combines not only current trends, but a sound understanding of psychological principles that haven't changed in thousands of years. James Archer is a studious pupil of both disciplines, and it's a pleasure to hear his thoughts on them."
Noah Dyer, Founding Partner at Sure Spark

"When it comes to marketing and branding, I have found every interaction with James to be intelligent, experienced, candid, and deeply engaging. No doubt, his knowledge will be of tremendous value to anyone looking to move forward in this subject area."
Dallin Harris, President at Skyhook Interactive

"James Archer is one most brilliant minds when it comes to marketing and branding. He's my go-to person for sure."
Greg Taylor, Co-Founder at Trinity

"James's valuable insights have been extremely helpful in navigating entry into the digital world. His willingness to lend a hand and 'tell it like it is' candor make him an engaging voice of reason in a very noisy space."
Evan E. Roberts, Communications Officer at Cargill Philanthropies

"James Archer is a deep thinker, grounded by a business savvy that few thought leaders in our industry possess. He has a fundamental insight into not only what makes a design work, but also what makes a design business work."
Stephanie Liebold, Founder at Bold Avenue

"I've had the privilege to get to know James recently, and he's one of the most insightful (and delightful) souls I've been around in recent years. Great instincts and insights. You can tell this guy genuinely gets it!"
Burt Bornstein, Creative Director at Central Creative

"James is a walking encyclopedia of design and marketing strategies."
Ward Andrews, CEO at Drawbackwards

"James is a stickler about design and branding, and thinks more about these topics than many folks I know in the business. His ideas always, always make me think differently about how best to approach these challenges."
Susan Baier, President at Audience Audit

"Quite plainly, James is a presence that inevitably brings out higher standards. I am certain that he has a personal time machine that allows him to accomplish as much as he does. Mr. Archer is a solid man that I hold in the highest respects."
Jeremie Lederman, Founder at Lederman Studio

"James is a very talented designer with a great head for business, branding and marketing. He's a tireless worker with a head full of great ideas."
D. Keith Robinson, Lead Product Designer at Atlassian

"James has been a key mentor in my role. He will be quite firm when he is truly passionate...and gives due process to each situation he finds himself in, making him a great mentor and business owner."
Katie Hurst, Senior Director of Project Management at Ruby

"James has an extremely steady head on his shoulders, and can easily switch from business mode, to design, to client, to friend, back to business all eith equal aplomb. His professional attitude and work ethic were amazing to work with."
Mike Rundle, Design Lead at Intuit

"James is a multifaceted individual, plain and simple. He has mastered the art of multitasking and is still driving to make all of his ideas a reality. On top of that, all of his projects get the same amount of attention they need, and it shows. I admire his intelligence and drive."
Bryan Veloso, VP of Product and Design at VShojo